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Postpartum Support

Welcome to FEM.ME's Postpartum Services, where I am dedicated to supporting and empowering you through every step of your journey into motherhood. From personalized care to soothing herbal treatments, I'm here to ensure you feel rested, nurtured, and ready to bond deeply with your newborn. Explore my range of services designed to address your unique needs and help you navigate the joys and challenges of postpartum life with confidence and grace. Experience the support and care you deserve as you embrace the beautiful adventure of motherhood with us.

Postpartum Support Options

Individual Postpartum Sessions

$250 per session
Each session typically lasts between 2-4 hours.

The postpartum period is a crucial time for new mothers, requiring special care and attention to ensure a smooth transition into motherhood. My focus in postpartum care is to nurture you back to health with warming foods, herbs, herbal baths, and household help.


I understand the importance of "mothering the mother" so she can be well-rested and fully present to bond with her newborn. Receiving the care you deserve after birth is essential for deep healing and recovery.

Why Postpartum Care is Important:

After childbirth, your body and mind undergo significant changes that need time and support to heal. Proper postpartum care helps in:

  • Physical Recovery: Addressing the physical demands of childbirth and promoting healing through nourishing foods, herbal remedies, and appropriate rest.

  • Emotional Well-Being: Providing emotional support to navigate the ups and downs of early motherhood and prevent postpartum depression.

  • Bonding with Baby: It is crucial for your well-being that you have the time and energy to form a deep bond with your newborn.

  • Support System: Alleviating the pressures of household responsibilities so you can focus on recovery and your baby.

Services Offered:

  • Breastfeeding Support: Expert guidance and troubleshooting to help you and your baby establish a successful breastfeeding routine.

  • Feeding and Sleeping Cycles: Assistance with setting up effective feeding and sleeping schedules to ensure you and your baby get adequate rest.

  • Baby Care: Spending time with your baby allows you to rest and recuperate.

  • Basic Household Tasks: Help maintain a peaceful and organized home environment with daily chores.

  • After-Birth Healing: Support with physical recovery through sitz baths, emotional support, and self-care practices.

  • Organization of Supplies: Helping you organize and manage baby supplies for convenience and efficiency.

  • Baby-Wearing Guidance: Teaching and assisting you in baby-wearing techniques for comfort and bonding.

  • Grocery Shopping and Errands: Taking care of shopping and other errands to ease your burden.

  • Simple Meal Preparation: Preparing nourishing meals to support your recovery and overall health.

  • Visitor Management: Screening calls and visitors to ensure a restful and undisturbed

My postpartum care services are designed to provide comprehensive support, ensuring you receive the nurturing and care you need during this pivotal time. Let me help you heal deeply, bond with your baby, and thrive in your new role as a mother.

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Doula & Postpartum Support Package


Includes the Essentials Doula Package & 4 Individual Postpartum Sessions

Embark on a holistic journey to motherhood with my Doula & Postpartum Support Package, offering a seamless blend of nurturing care and comprehensive assistance tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose This Package:

During Pregnancy: Experience the nurturing support of a doula, a compassionate companion who stands by your side throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Rooted in ancient Greek tradition, our modern doulas provide physical and emotional comfort, ensuring you feel empowered and supported every step.

During Birth: My Birth Doula Services offer comprehensive care, including personalized birth plan development, private childbirth education, and emotional, physical, and spiritual support during labor. With my unwavering presence and expertise, I aim to create a positive and memorable birth experience for you and your family.

After Birth: Transition smoothly into motherhood with my dedicated postpartum care services. From breastfeeding support and feeding schedules to household tasks and emotional healing, I prioritize your well-being and recovery, allowing you to bond deeply with your newborn and thrive in your new role as a mother.

With my Doula & Postpartum Support Package, you can rest assured knowing you have a trusted ally by your side every step. Let us nurture and empower you on your transformative journey to motherhood.

Key Features:

  • Essential Doula Service: To view the entire package, click here. 

  • Individual Postpartum Sessions: To view the entire session, click here

Bath of Flowers Ceremonial Package

$250 a session

My Bath of Flowers Ceremonial Package is a time-honored tradition designed to help new mothers detoxify and stabilize their hormones after childbirth. Performed 2-8 weeks postpartum, this steaming hot bath is infused with healing herbs from Mother Earth to promote detoxification and healing. This holistic approach not only aids in physical recovery but also nurtures emotional well-being, helping you transition smoothly into motherhood.

This package includes:

  • Healing Herbal Bath: A steaming hot bath infused with medicinal herbs to support your body's natural detoxification and healing processes.

  • Gentle Abdominal Massage: A soothing massage to help your internal organs find their natural placement post-birth.

  • Closing the Bones: A traditional technique to help close the pelvis after childbirth, promoting stability and recovery.

  • Organic Cotton Wrap: Wrapping the mother in an organic cotton cloth to seal and support the postpartum healing period.

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