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Pregnancy Support

My pregnancy support packages are crafted with care and expertise, providing personalized support and guidance to meet your unique needs and preferences. Whether you're seeking hands-on doula support during labor, personalized postpartum care, or immersive wellness experiences to nourish your body and soul, I have the perfect package for you.

Pregnancy Support Options

Whole Healing Package

First 40 Days PP:  $1750
With Birth Support*:  $2950

*Saves $350 on the birth and postpartum package.

Immerse yourself in the ancient healing traditions of the First 40 Days, a sacred period that cocoons you in health and wellness following childbirth. This special time, known as the lying-in period, provides essential space for maternal healing and fosters the intimate bond between parent and newborn. Following this period of rejuvenation, the baby is ceremoniously introduced to the community, marking a profound transition into familial and communal life.

The first 40 Days include 8 sessions.

  • The first 2 weeks of postpartum, 3 afterbirth sessions broken up in between the first two weeks after birth.

  • Weeks 3 and 4 are 2 sessions a week.

  • Week 5 one session, we close your healing with a Mother's Blessing.

This support includes all basic postpartum support:

  • Herbal healing support

  • Closing the bones

  • Belly healing massage

  • Wrapping

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Mother blessing ceremony

Whole healing
basic doula

Essential Doula Package


At FEM.ME, my doula services are designed to nurture and empower you on your journey to motherhood. Let me support you in creating a positive and memorable birth experience.

Experience the nurturing support of a doula, a companion who stands by you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. Rooted in ancient Greek tradition, modern doulas- like myself- are trained to provide both physical and emotional comfort, ensuring you feel empowered and supported every step of the way.

Learn more about a doula's role here

Our Birth Doula Services offer comprehensive care, including:

  • Free Initial Consultation

  • 1-2 Prenatal Visits

  • Birth Plan Development and Implementation Support

  • Private Childbirth Education

  • Unlimited phone/email support pre & postnatal

  • Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual Support during labor

  • Comfort Measures and Position changes

  • Informational Support and Use of Essential Oils

  • 24-hour on-call support

  • Initial breastfeeding support and 1-3 hour initial postpartum visit

  • Birth snapshots to cherish the moment

Enhance your doula experience with our optional Milk Mama Packages:

Milk Mama Package


  • Basic breastfeeding support

  • 2 home visits

  • Remote breastfeeding help as needed for the first 6 weeks

Expanded Milk Mama Package


  • Basic breastfeeding support

  • 4 home visits

  • Remote breastfeeding help as needed for the first 6 weeks

Birth Witness Package


Experience the profound journey of childbirth with my Birth Witness Package service, designed for clients choosing to give birth without medical assistance. As your birth witness, I am here to support you through the miraculous experience of bringing new life into the world.

This package is ideal for women who embrace their primal power and trust in their bodies' innate ability to birth with joy and bliss. Clients who take full responsibility for their prenatal care and choose to deliver at home will find comprehensive support in our Birth Witness Package.

With my Birth Witness Package, embrace the sacred journey of birthing in your full primal power, supported by compassionate care every step of the way.

Key Features:

  • Full Doula Services: Benefit from complete doula support throughout your birth journey, ensuring comfort and empowerment.

  • 2 Womb Medicine Sessions: Experience the healing benefits of my transformative womb medicine sessions to prepare your body and mind for birth.

  • Education on Birth Documentation: Receive guidance on filling out a birth certificate and essential materials needed for your birth.

  • Post-Birth Support: I handle the cleanup after the birth, prepare four herbal baths, and provide the first meal after birth along with herbal preparations for recovery.

These courses are highly recommended for fearless birthing experiences. Explore them through my affiliate links below:
mom, birth, postpartum

Mom, Birth, & Postpartum Destination Package


Looking for the comfort of a home birth without the hassle of preparing your own space? Experience the tranquility of a peaceful country home birth, enveloped by the soothing sounds of nature.


My exclusive package combines expert doula services with a fully prepared Airbnb for your birth experience. I will create a thoughtful postpartum nest station, ensuring you and your baby have everything you need to stay comfortably in bed. Reach out to reserve your package and Airbnb dates, and I will handle the rest

Included in this package:

  • Doula Services: Comprehensive support throughout your birth journey.

  • Airbnb Birth Spot:  Relax in a peaceful retreat set up for your birth experience.

  • Postpartum Nest: Thoughtfully prepared station for you and your baby to stay in bed, complete with essential items.

  • 72-Hour Post-Birth Stay: Enjoy a comfortable retreat for recovery.

  • Nourishing Support: Receive 5 freezer soups, 5 herbal baths, and a healing herbal basket.

  • Personalized Check-In: A postpartum check-in from your doula ensures continued care and support.

Block off your Airbnb within two weeks of your due date and check in with active labor. Contact Leah to reserve your dates and customize your sanctuary birth experience.

Womb Medicine in Pregnancy 

$200 per session

(These sessions do not replace prenatal care given by a provider.)

Discover the transformative journey of my Womb Medicine in Pregnancy Sessions. These unique sessions offer a blend of hands-on techniques, insightful conversations about natural pregnancy, attentive partner involvement, and gentle palpation of your growing baby. Perfect for couples seeking to deepen their prenatal experience, these sessions provide safe and effective methods to connect with each other and your baby before birth.

Each session is curated to meet your specific needs and may include:

  • Gentle womb sobada for nurturing relaxation and connection.

  • Rebozo manteada for soothing and comforting movements.

  • Holistic prenatal advice to address common pregnancy discomforts.

  • Partner support education to enhance your birthing journey together.

  • Advanced prenatal yoni steaming for added comfort and rejuvenation.

  • Addressing birth fears and preparing emotionally and mentally for childbirth.

  • Bonding exercises to strengthen the connection between you, your partner, and your baby.

Begin this sacred prenatal bonding and preparation journey guided by an experienced practitioner as you nurture the profound connection with your partner and baby before their arrival.

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