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Natural Fertility Support

Start your fertility journey with assurance and empathy with FEM.ME's holistic fertility support. Leah, a certified fertility coach in Kansas City, is dedicated to offering expert guidance tailored to your journey. Delve into personalized counseling sessions to gain invaluable insights and strategies to optimize your natural fertility. Complementing my coaching, experience the restorative effects of therapeutic abdominal massages, meticulously crafted to enhance reproductive health and promote natural fertility. With FEM.ME, navigate your path to parenthood with confidence and compassion.

Fertility Support Options

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Holistic Fertility Counseling


Start on your fertility journey with the guidance of Leah, your personal Holistic Fertility Counselor. Offering researched and detailed advice, I am your partner in optimizing your chances of conception. Through attentive listening and collaborative planning, I  tailor a practical approach to help you achieve your goal of conceiving.

Key Features:

  • 45-minute Fertility Assessment: Identify any potential hindrances to fertility.

  • Health Issue Identification: Receive tips and coaching on recognizing health issues impacting fertility.

  • Customized Diet and Lifestyle Solutions: Personalized recommendations to support your journey to conception.

  • Call and Email Support: Access ongoing support and guidance throughout your fertility journey.

  • Fertility Charting and Charting Support: Learn effective fertility charting techniques and receive support in interpreting your charts.

  • Fertility Education: Gain valuable insights and tips for both partners to enhance fertility.

Optional Add-on:

  • Womb medicine sessions are available for Kansas City residents to enhance conception efforts.

Womb Medicine Sessions

First session - $200 (includes council session and a Faja)

Subsequent sessions - $150

Begin on a transformative healing journey with my Womb Medicine Sessions at FEM.ME. Each session is tailored to address a range of physical and emotional concerns, promoting holistic well-being and preparing your body for fertility. My sessions combine Maya's abdominal work, Mercier therapy, and Yoni steaming, offering a comprehensive approach to womb healing.

Key Features:

  • Address a Range of Concerns: My sessions target various issues, including digestive issues, fertility challenges, painful periods, miscarriages, and more.

  • Holistic Healing: Experience healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, connecting deeper with yourself and supporting your overall well-being.

  • Preparation for Fertility: Prepare your body for fertility with techniques aimed at increasing blood flow, breaking down scar tissue, and proper adjustment of organs.

  • Traditional Healing Methods: Benefit from traditional healing practices like Maya Sobada, performed by midwives for centuries.

Full list of areas the womb medicine sessions can help with: 

• Digestive issues • Fertility issues • Painful periods • Miscarriages • Postpartum • Menopause • Endometriosis • Ovarian cysts • Painful intercourse • Hysterectomy • IVF treatment • Irregular periods • Increases Blood flow • Break down of scar tissue • Proper adjustment of organs • Constipation relief • Pelvic Floor pain • Adhesions • Menstrual complaints • Pubic Symphysis pain • Helps proper position of baby in the uterus

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