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Empowering Women, Igniting Wellness in Kansas City

Leah Roshel Fellers

Women's Wellness Coach & Full Spectrum Doula in Kansas City

Welcome to FEM.ME! I'm Leah, the passionate Founder and Owner. The name FEM.ME, derived from the French word for women, embodies our commitment to empowering women's health and wellness. By separating 'FEM' from 'ME,' we highlight our dedication to providing personalized care that celebrates each woman's individual journey.

My journey into women's health began in middle school, sparking a lifelong passion for understanding and advocating for women's well-being. The decision to have a home birth with my youngest child opened my eyes to the possibilities of a safe and supported birthing experience, igniting my curiosity about modern healthcare practices for women.

As a Certified Fertility Counselor, Birth and Postpartum Doula, and Period Coach, I am committed to filling the gaps in women's healthcare. I aim to revive women's understanding of natural fertility, birth, and postpartum care, empowering them to reclaim their health and wellness.

At FEM.ME, I offer various services tailored to each woman's unique needs, including natural fertility, birth, and postpartum care. Join me on a journey to rediscover the power of women's health and wellness. Together, let's empower women to thrive.

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Certified Expertise in Women's Wellness

Leah Roshel Fellers

I bring a wealth of expertise and qualifications to FEM.ME. Here are my certifications:

  • Doula Certification

  • Deathwives Certification

  • Period Coaching Certification

  • Fertility Counseling Certification

  • Chinese Herbal Counselor Certification

  • Abdominal Massage Certification

  • Midwife-to-be Certification

  • NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) Certification

  • CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Certification

I received my Doula Certification through Midwife to Be in 2019 and met the requirements to be a Birth Assistant through NAARM. I have extensive experience assisting births at a busy midwifery clinic and received training in midwifery and birth assisting from seasoned professionals. I also completed a certification in Chinese herbs and a local herbal apprenticeship with Garden of Delights. Additionally, I trained in Mayan Abdominal Massage with a traditional midwife in the Yukatan.

I am dedicated to ongoing education, consistently seeking opportunities to collaborate with experts and expand my knowledge.

Coming Soon

FEM.ME is excited to announce that Leah will bring Mercier Therapy to Kansas City for her fertility clients starting in September 2024. 

A Message from the Heart

Hello, beautiful soul,

I believe that menstruation and childbirth have been influenced by male energy due to the predominance of male doctors in the workforce for centuries. As women have been marginalized and pushed into male-dominated professions, our medical system has overlooked the intuitive healing wisdom that women possess regarding women's health, our menstrual cycles, and childbirth. Over time, the valuable knowledge passed down from our grandmothers, mothers, and aunts about womanhood has been lost in a patriarchal society.

I aim to guide you in healing your body, embracing your menstrual cycle, understanding your fertility, experiencing a spiritual birth that is uniquely yours, and embracing the divine feminine essence inherent in all women. By adopting this wisdom, women can step into their full power. Remember, this knowledge is meant for you and your daughters. Together, we can re-ignite the ancient healing wisdom for every woman in her childbearing years.


Empower yourself and envision a future where all women embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and mastering feminine wellness to pass down this wisdom to generations ahead. Leading by example, I aim to inspire other women to share the nurturing practices I implement in my business. Through women supporting each other, I aspire to reshape the care women receive. By sharing our stories and embracing our collective wisdom, we can bring hope and renewal to women worldwide.


Here is a sanctuary dedicated to healing, created and nurtured by women, where the essence of femininity harmonizes with the practice of healing- This profound wisdom, passed down through generations, is created by women caring for women, guided by compassion. Let us come together to revitalize the feminine essence within the domain of healthcare.

In warmth,

Leah Fellers

My Holistic Approach

At FEM.ME, I believe in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit when it comes to women's wellness. My holistic approach focuses on personalized care, addressing the root causes of imbalance to empower women to take control of their health and well-being.


My services encompass a fusion of offerings designed to meet your unique needs within our holistic framework. Through personalized 1:1 Coaching programs, I assist in identifying, addressing, and resolving feminine concerns within your body. Additionally, I provide hands-on healing for fertility challenges, birth, and postpartum care. My business's core is empowering women through embodied wisdom, enabling healing, and offering guided support to address feminine issues effectively. I work with women all throughout the Kansas City metro. 

Stone Mortar and Pestle

Join Me in Healing

"In Lak’ech ala K’in" - I am another you, you are another I.

Let's come together and bring hope and renewal to women worldwide.

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