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Meet Leah

Hello, beautiful souls! I'm Leah, the proud Founder and Owner of FEM.ME in Kansas City.

FEM.ME, derived from the French word for women, represents a sanctuary for feminine wellness and empowerment. As a passionate advocate for women's health and wellness, I've dedicated my life to restoring the ancient wisdom of feminine healing and nurturing the divine essence within every woman.

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Reviving Tradition,
Embracing Tomorrow

Nurturing families with birth, postpartum, and natural fertility care in Kansas City.  

My Mission

At FEM.ME, I believe that women's health has been overshadowed by centuries of male-dominated healthcare.

I'm here to reclaim the intuitive healing wisdom passed down through generations of women. My mission is to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Together, we'll revive the sacred knowledge of natural fertility, birth, and postpartum care. By embracing this wisdom, you'll step into your full power and inspire future generations of women.

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Services Tailored To You

My services at FEM.ME are tailored to meet the diverse needs of women and supports Kansas City families from conception to parenthood. Whether you're seeking guidance on natural fertility, birth, or postpartum care, I'm here to support you every step of the way. From 1:1 coaching sessions to hands-on healing, my goal is to empower women with the wisdom they need to address and heal feminine issues.

Jen O.

Leah was absolutely an amazing addition to our birth team. Her level of knowledge of labor and how to assist the mother and father during that time was such a help and blessing to us. After a long and hard labor we wouldn’t have anyone else by our sides, and couldn’t imagine doing it without her guidance. She truly goes above and beyond to help in anyway she can!

Anasangela G.

Words cannot describe how grateful and thankful I am for having Leah helping me and my husband with our fertility journey, I have learned so many things, that every woman should know, and every couple should have experienced, she is kind and patient, and she has so much knowledge and her passion for helping and sharing her knowledge is so powerful.

Leah, it is a huge blessing for everyone who needs holistic fertility counseling and much more.

Taylor M.

If you’re considering hiring a doula let this be your sign that you absolutely need it to be Leah! Her knowledge and experience is truly priceless and I could not picture my birth experience without her by my side! She became a trusted friend throughout my pregnancy and made me feel so much more confident during my labor. Plus has supported me even still in postpartum I cannot recommend her enough!!!



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